Understanding The Dangers of Damaged Glass
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Understanding The Dangers of Damaged Glass

When I noticed a few chips in the windows of my home, I didn't worry too much about how it would affect anything. Instead, I mainly focused on how it made my home look, and I secretly cursed the unsightly damage. However, those small chips began to grow until there were large cracks. After having that experience, I decided to dedicate myself to spreading the word about the problems associated damaged glass. Read this blog to find out how damaged glass could affect you and your family members.

Understanding The Dangers of Damaged Glass

  • The ABCs Of Keeping Frameless Glass Shower Doors Clean With Children

    9 February 2016

    If you are looking for shower doors that can open up a smaller-than-usual space and give you a functional enclosure that is easy to care for, frameless glass shower doors are definitely one of the more logical solutions. Even still, keeping these doors clean so they provide the most aesthetically appealing appearance can be a chore, especially if you have kids in the house. To keep your frameless glass shower doors crystal clean in spite of having kids in the house who tend to be a bit messy in the shower, there is a simple ABC rule set that you should keep in mind.

  • Windshield Replacement Vs. Windshield Repair

    9 February 2016

    A damaged windshield is dangerous for a couple of reasons. A crack in a windshield can catch the glare of the sun and focus the light right into your line of vision. This can make it painful to see the road and/or distort your view of the road. A further danger of a damaged windshield is that cracks can undermine the structural integrity of your windshield, which can cause your windshield to break out during a wreck.

  • Things To Consider Before Applying Glass Glue

    9 February 2016

    There are several glass glues on the market that can be used by a novice to try and repair glass. Whatever kind of glass you wish to repair, there are a few steps to go through to try an at-home repair approach. Visit a Specialist or Do It Yourself? The first thing to consider is whether a do it yourself approach is appropriate for your glass. If your piece is made of glass that will be very expensive to replace, such as colored glass or glass with special tempering, then skip the glass glue approach altogether and have the piece taken to a glass repair shop to try and avoid the cost of outright replacement.

  • Do You Need To Replace Your Windows?

    8 February 2016

    It can be pretty hard to figure out exactly when you should replace your windows. On top of that, the actual replacement process can seem a little daunting to the inexperienced. However, if you have windows that don't fit their frames, then your insulation could be suffering. To help you out, here are some topics to consider when it comes to window replacement: Drafty rooms might indicate a room in need of maintenance

  • Tired Of Not Seeing Things Clearly? Know When It's Time To Replace Your Window Glass

    7 February 2016

    Your home's windows are responsible for opening up your rooms and letting natural light in. They offer comfort, beauty, and warmth, but if they are old, letting in too much air, or don't have much use in your home other than being covered up with window treatments, it may be time to consider replacing your window glass with more useful options. Here are signs that let you know when it's time to replace your home's window glass.