Understanding The Dangers of Damaged Glass
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Understanding The Dangers of Damaged Glass

When I noticed a few chips in the windows of my home, I didn't worry too much about how it would affect anything. Instead, I mainly focused on how it made my home look, and I secretly cursed the unsightly damage. However, those small chips began to grow until there were large cracks. After having that experience, I decided to dedicate myself to spreading the word about the problems associated damaged glass. Read this blog to find out how damaged glass could affect you and your family members.

Understanding The Dangers of Damaged Glass

Do You Need To Replace Your Windows?

Maëlyne Fleury

It can be pretty hard to figure out exactly when you should replace your windows. On top of that, the actual replacement process can seem a little daunting to the inexperienced. However, if you have windows that don't fit their frames, then your insulation could be suffering. To help you out, here are some topics to consider when it comes to window replacement:

Drafty rooms might indicate a room in need of maintenance

It may seem a little obvious once you actually notice it, but poorly-fitting windows can lead to some pretty serious drafts in parts of your home. If you notice that there seems to be a breeze in rooms that don't have open windows or doors, then there is probably some air creeping in through a window frame.

Normally, this isn't a huge problem, but it can be incredibly frustrating if you live somewhere that is either very hot or very cold. If that is the case, then a ton of heat can move through the window frame in question, working to counteract your heater or air conditioner.

Why do windows suddenly not fit their frames?

In some cases, extreme temperatures or humidity can cause the window and frame to actually warp. This results in a window that does not fit the frame, and likely leads to the formation of some cracks and gaps.

In other cases, some damage to the window frame can distort it a bit. If you have kids, then there is a chance that they accidentally hit the window one times too many with a toy.

How do you make sure that the replacement fits?

When it actually comes to replacing a window, you will need to check and make sure that the frame is in a pretty good condition. If the frame is old or damaged, then adding a new window won't really solve your problems.

If you find that the frame is ready for a new window, then you're going to want to get a window that is slightly smaller than the frame. The difference will be made up in putty, which will allow the window to rest comfortably in the frame. Make sure that you remove all of the old putty before you add the new putty, since old putty will have lost a great deal of its effectiveness.

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