Understanding The Dangers of Damaged Glass
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Understanding The Dangers of Damaged Glass

When I noticed a few chips in the windows of my home, I didn't worry too much about how it would affect anything. Instead, I mainly focused on how it made my home look, and I secretly cursed the unsightly damage. However, those small chips began to grow until there were large cracks. After having that experience, I decided to dedicate myself to spreading the word about the problems associated damaged glass. Read this blog to find out how damaged glass could affect you and your family members.

Understanding The Dangers of Damaged Glass

Purchasing A Glass Shower Enclosure? Tips To Help You Choose The Right Type

Maëlyne Fleury

If you are planning to purchase a shower enclosure, you have many options to choose from. This can make it very difficult to make the right choice of what would be best for you and your family. To help make the decision easier, below is some information you should find helpful.

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

As named, frameless shower doors have no frames at all. This is beneficial as the doors are very easy to clean. Having no frames also gives your bathroom a polished, clean look, and the enclosures are easy to clean and maintain.

Frameless shower doors can be difficult to install. Because of this, you should always hire a professional to install this type of shower enclosure.

Framed Glass Shower Enclosures

There are also framed glass shower enclosures which are generally less expensive when compared to frameless enclosures. The frames are generally made of metal. The doors are usually made of glass, but you can also choose a thin plastic.

Even though these enclosures are less expensive, they are much harder to keep clean. This is because dirt and grime can easily get into the grooves in the frames. Mold and mildew can also build up in the frames if they are left wet for long periods of time. 

Framed and Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

There are also shower enclosures that have a combination of framed and frameless. This gives your shower enclosure a unique look but will usually have to be custom-designed to work with the layout of your shower.

Along with this, there are semi-framed enclosures that have a frame that goes halfway up the shower enclosure, and then no frame on the rest way up.

Tempered Glass

Once you make a choice of the type of shower enclosure you would like, you need to then choose the type of glass that you want. The most common type of glass used is tempered glass. This type of glass is very durable, so you do not have to worry about the glass breaking.

Tempered glass is also easier to clean and safe for you and your family. You do have to consider, however, that tempered glass is much thicker which means this requires more support because thicker glass is heavier.

Talk with a company like Urbana Maryland that sells shower enclosures and their staff can give you more information. The company can also explain to you how the shower enclosure is installed so you will know what to expect.