Understanding The Dangers of Damaged Glass
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Understanding The Dangers of Damaged Glass

When I noticed a few chips in the windows of my home, I didn't worry too much about how it would affect anything. Instead, I mainly focused on how it made my home look, and I secretly cursed the unsightly damage. However, those small chips began to grow until there were large cracks. After having that experience, I decided to dedicate myself to spreading the word about the problems associated damaged glass. Read this blog to find out how damaged glass could affect you and your family members.

Understanding The Dangers of Damaged Glass

Does Your Window Have Minor Damage? Tips For Fixing The Glass

Maëlyne Fleury

Your home's windows should be able to take on their fair share of stress from the weather, but they can become damaged. It could be a chip from hail that impacted at high speeds, a fallen limb from a tree, or even your child throwing a toy towards the glass. Repairing minor damage is something that you can do on your own, and will help the windows remain strong. These tips will help you do it.

Clear Resin

A useful tool for repairing chips in the glass is clear resin. It is actually sold at craft stores, typically found in the aisle with jewelry supplies. Applying it is simple, and you can even do it on your own.

Start by cleaning the crack in the glass using rubbing alcohol. It will ensure that the debris and dirt is gone from the chip. Mix the resin in an environment that is warm to make sure the chemicals react properly, then simply follow the directions provided by the manufacturer to apply the resin directly to the chip.

Once the resin has cured, it will prevent the damage from expanding into a much larger crack.

Packing Tape

An affordable technique for repairing a crack in your glass window is to use packing tape that is clear. Since this type of tape will be completely translucent, you won't have your view out the window impaired.

This method can be done by cleaning the glass around the crack on both sides using glass cleaner, follow by rubbing alcohol in order to remove any residue that remains on the glass. This will help the tape stick to the glass without any issues.

The goal of this method is to prevent the crack from spreading further until you are able to have it professionally repaired.

Nail Polish

If there is a small scratch, using nail polish that is clear will help fix the problem. If the scratch is very shallow, you can use the nail polish for filling in the glass.

Clean out the scratch using glass cleaner, then dry it using a cloth that is lint-free. Then put a very thin layer of your nail polish on the scratch. Wipe all the excess nail polish away using acetone.

While small repairs are easy to do on your own, major damage will require glass replacement. Contact a residential glass replacement company in your area that can take care of the whole job for you.